I've done a lot of work with Angie before and I have literally seen her grow professionally and personally as an artist in the industry. Angie's sound is so pop, so dance, so island and she literally took off with her first single "Pull Up" it swept the US by storm and her fans at home were behind her more than ever.

In this unique track from the artist, Fairytale shows Angie's softer side and I was approached by her team to create imagery for cover art. Once I heard the track, I immediately loved it and begin working on a treatment for it right away. Stylist, Kedar Clarke knew he wanted to softer her look a bit but still keep with her edgy image as before.

The Bahamas National Trust provided a great backdrop for the treatment giving us several areas to work with.

In the end we came up with a great look and feel to the single "Fairytale" and here's a look at how the photo-shoot was put together. If you listen close, that track playing in the video is the actual song from Angelique Sabrina. Give it a listen and please enjoy.

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