There are times in our life when we must stop and look at the direction we are going in, this is one of those times for my family and I.

In July of 2012, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. The months that followed were a whirlwind to us all, especially my mom. How does one cope with such a scary disease and cultivate a will to live? Well, with the help of those around one. This is where we can all help to show my mom how much she is wanted in this world...and how much she is loved.

In a few short days I am traveling to Vermont to be with her and my seven brothers and sisters. We plan to help her live her last days in peace and harmony, surrounded by those who truly love her. Part of the bigger plan with my mom is to return to Asheville, NC at the end of February, where we will spend time at a beautiful cabin on Lake Toxaway. If it is her choice perhaps she will pass on there...or maybe, just maybe she'll find a stronger will to live and then...well, we don't know what will happen then ~ except there will be an enormous amount of gratitude shown for the extra time with her.

We are only given one mom in this lifetime, please help me help mine. Much love and gratitude to you for looking at my page and helping. Whether you donate to our cause or simply pass the message along, you are part of something bigger.

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