According to the latest achievements in science, the origin of all materials is of the same genesis. Following the gargantuan explosion of the Big Bang, matter and substance started to form. It formed
into stars, solar systems and galaxies, all held together by the simple, yet profound laws of physics.
Our solar system was shaped the same way. Clouds of gas and stellar dust became dense and cooler and the force of gravity grew until the Sun gathered enough nuclear energy to ignite and begin its life as a star. The remaining dust and gas ejected around the Sun and formed into planets - the way our Earth was born.
We live in this accretion disc around the Sun on Earth, joined by planets and moons in a diversified, colorful and mysterious system.
How would these planets and moons sound if we would have the right ear for them?
What kind of music would they play if they would have a stellar orchestra?

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