I was unfortunate enough to go to Clacton (essex seaside) at the weekend to do a spot of sunbathing and improve my Tan!!!. The weather was not ideal at first but it did show signs of improving.
However....as much as the family hoped for some sunshine, it just didn't happen and we got pelted by heavy wind and rain.
I took refuge underneath Clacton pier as the others had rain macs on and I had only a summer T-Shirt and shorts on.(Newcastle upbringing)
At this point I saw an opportunity to take a few shots of my surroundings and think I came up with some interesting footage, but you guys will be the judge of that.
Certain shots are deliberately out of focus as I thought it made it more interesting.
I was using my canon HG10 and a velbon tripod. No 35mm adapter and all manual settings.
TV 50, 25fps, manual exposure and focus.
Edited in final cut express and colour graded using magic bullet looks.
I think this is possibly one of my more creative pieces.

Song: Pyramid song. Radiohead (edited)

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