27th Oct - 6th Nov
Torino Chamber of commerce, Palazzo Birago, via Carlo Alberto 16

Cymatics creates real spaces that are metaphysical and spiritual at the same time. A place where art is a bridge between the material and the spiritual, between technology and nature, and between the humanities and science. Two cubes, two rooms, two substances -- water and non-Newtonian fluid -- are brought together into spaces where sound waves transform the substances into geometric shapes. The result is a harmonic vision of the elements of nature, demonstrating the morphogenic effect of sound waves (cymatics).

All within an unusual setting: the rooms at frist floor of the eighteenth century Palazzo Birago, headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, a building designed by Juvarra, one of the most interesting examples of baroque palace in the heart of Turin, now restored and returned to tourists and citizens.

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