We rang this past New Year's Eve in with April & Elias' SAME DAY EDIT. This deadline was by far the toughest to meet because there was no option to push it back even just a few minutes incase we needed a little extra time. We were literally ringing 2013 in with the count down of April and Elias' Same Day Edit... So needless to say stress levels where high, but that's not the story we'd like to share here...

We'd like to share a little bit of what we learned about April and Elias... They met one another years ago at "Rockwells" Pub & Eatery (Rocks)... a familiar stomping ground to our groom Elias who held a job there for the better part of his life. You see Rocks wasn't just a place where Elias worked most of his life, Elias was born into the family business as his father is part owner of this restaurant. When we talked about Rocks with Elias and April, we saw it for so much more than just the family run establishment that Elias grew up around. For him it was the hangout spot were many great friendships were born and is still the stomping grounds for a tight knit group that he refers to as his extended family. So quite obviously we knew that Rocks played a big part in Elias' life....

Enter April.. So now we began to see Rocks as the place where he was destined to build up the courage and introduce himself to his future wife. When you sit back and look at their story, April being hired on as a waitress at Rocks and Elias running the family owned restaurant.. well it is obvious that this was all a part of their destiny to be together.

We learned about how deep April and Elias' roots have grown within their relationship and had the fortune to spend sometime getting a better understanding of it, but we kept coming back to this extended family that was cultivated at Rocks. So our inspiration for this film was to bring the "extended fam" together to share their account on April and Elias' story.. Once we had the opportunity to hear everyone's take on their relationship, the stage for this story was set. Hence the reason for starting off this piece in the fashion we did..

Now April and Elias' path brought an entirely new element to our story that we've never encountered before.. There was one more important piece to the puzzle... their son Dimitri! So as we got to understand their relationship better, we started to draw on some of the similarities that would present themselves throughout their wedding day and with a little luck things just worked out perfectly. We really wanted to focus on the theme of "parent helping son" get prepared for the wedding and we had a ball tying these similarities in with one another.. Dimitri being dressed by Mom and Grandma while Elias' father helping with his bow tie and jacket. We couldn't be happier with how this panned out during the morning preparations, however in the edit we took it one step further than we had originally anticipated and were able to "cut" together the groom and his son being sung to as they were getting dressed. Making this happen in post production was actually really difficult to achieve however we are happy we spent the extra time on it as we felt it added so much more meaning to the story at hand.

We knew that all 400 guests in attendance would be watching this SDE from the dance floor as we had timed it to finish exactly at the stroke of midnight and ring in the new year. Take a few minutes and get to know the Rocks Family and let us know your thoughts!


Filmed by:
Alberto Centofanti
Mark Ciancibello
Theak Chhuom

Edited by:
Mark Ciancibello

Special thanks to Leo De Socio for lending his hands throughout the day.

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