video Maurizio Lega
november 2012, Teatro Out Off, Milan

Four men of our time in a mythologic place of death and resurrection. A return or an awakening?
The climb- down into their own inner world, the loss and recovery of their companions and ultimately paths along the edges of a real and to us tangible world weave the web of the story.
A metaphorical journey reveals destination itself on its searching for the long ago-lost Garden.
A human beings quartett starting somewhere far away, beyond what is visible of existence, where the rhythm they dance to becomes the sound of the universe. The beginning.

A new research by compagnia NUT on choreographic harmony and its flow, on movement and its emotive and narrative expression. It is about composition as a musical and poetic process regarding dynamics and image but with the objective of not replacing imagination itself.

creation compagnia NUT
concept and choreography Barbara Geiger and Franco Reffo
in scene Alessio Calciolari, Barbara Geiger, Lorenzo Piccolo and Franco Reffo
lighting design Domenico Cicchetti
costumes Stefania Barreca
sound arrangement Alberto Mompellio
production NUT, Campo Teatrale, Avatara

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