KAUA'I CALLS ~ THE JOURNEY of a "HAKU" on the New Moon

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New Moon and Pleiadian Mu Sacred Journey

"Ike of Ho'oponopono of New Beginnings...

August 21st to 31st, 2013.. Email: Kumuleinaala@yahoo.com

A Calling to All Starseeds of Ancient Lemurian Lineage:

"When The Journey is complete, the Sounds of Re-creation shall descend upon the Land of Mu. Your heart will remember its beginning and rejoice the coming of a new beginning. We bring you the promised Light, at the promised Time" -- Message from The Elohim, July 2012

This is a journey of the heart and soul to cleanse, open and attune to the creation energies to consciously activate our truest intentions. We begin with a simple releasing and cleansing at the ocean and a prayer to ask the guardians and goddess of Kaua'i to support our livelihood here and our life path. Then we are visiting 2 very potent creation source portals on the East, West, South, and North Shore where we make contact with the codes held in the water and entrain with the pure creation frequencies.

There is a Lemurian site with a pair of pohakus (stones) holding the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine vibrations. Standing between them is a beautiful blessing. Another place with a portal to the Lemurian consciousness helps to ground us with that higher level of service.

This August 21st to 31st , 2013 our Sun aligns with the Pleiades for the 1st time in 25,940 years since Aug. 18th-21st 2012......which was on the same day is the New Moon and an Annular Eclipse that arcs through Mt. Fuji and Mount Shasta. A truly extraordinary event.

Be part of anchoring the new 2013 frequencies streaming to earth for establishing the new dimension of light, love and harmony. Join our gathering of lightworkers and lightkeepers on a journey of Lemurian activation portals on the East ~ West ~ South and North Shore. Receive and anchor this pure light for yourself, your awakening and the 2013 Shift of the Ages.

Empower your New Moon creations at the Lemurian Portals of Wailua, Waimea Kalalau, Eleele and Poipu on to Hanalei. We will open our sacred journey on the a Wailua Journey and Luau on August 20th, 2013 with a sweet Sunset Ceremony to offer our prayers to Akua and the Goddess of Kauai for our new creations.

Let this be a powerful activating gathering for the the goddesses.
* Align with your True Essence, Purpose and Divine Connection

* Recalibrate to the Pure Potentiality of the New Universe

* Awaken your Spiritual Body Light Codes and Superconductivity

The Pleiades were considered the constellation of ascension and enlightenment by advanced civilizations such as the Summarians, Egyptians, Olmecs, Aztecs and Mayans. Alignments with the Seven Sistars of the Pleiades have triggered monumental change throughout history.

Kauai will be touched for 5 minutes by the shadow of this powerful Divine energy alignment through the Divine Portal of our Sun and Alcyon. As we embrace the "Ike of Ho'oponopono of New Beginnings...........

Many star seeds first descended on Earth as part of the Lemuria race, remembering and fully embodying the God consciousness seeded in them through a 12-strand DNA template. Eons of years ago, they journeyed from different star civilisations to meet on Earth as a spiritual force to hold the Light for this planet that had become deeply infiltrated with fear and separation consciousness.

As living models of Peace, Love and Oneness, the Lemurian star people created a civilisation of advanced technology and unity on Earth by utilising their various stars' abilities and talents. Memories of their stellar origins, missions and experiences in raising the Earth's consciousness were held in their collective soul memory, creating what is called a Lemurian blueprint.

As the Lemurian star humans inter-mingled and inter-bred with the people of Earth, who were of the denser 3rd dimension, they began losing many of their star abilities as they were forgetting their star origins and true nature as an extension of God.

To listen and see to audio recording of 'Remembering Lemuria' Meditation 'Ike Ho'oponopono see below..To Join us August 2013 !

Email: Kumuleinaala@yahoo.com

Chant Oli "Ke Lei Maila" by Kumu Leina'ala K. Brown

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