Once again we participated in the 48 Hour Film Project Denver this past weekend, August 2-3, 2009. We were required to make a film in 48 hours and use a specific genre which we received at the start of the 48 hours.*

Our genre was Detective/Cop movie. We also were required to use a prop, line of dialogue, and character. These were a towel, the line, 'That's not the way we do it.' and the character Nathan Brown, Backpacker. Other than that, I will let the film speak for itself.

Actors: Chris Grundy, Jordan Leigh, Kirk Anderson, and Amie MacKenzie.

Producer: Kirk Anderson
Director: Brad Stabio
Director of Photography: Brook Aitken
Sound/Edit/Graphics/AC: Joe Movick
Script: Kirk Anderson & Joe Movick
Associate Producer: Debe Hultgren

Craft Services: Sarah Stabio

Shot on an EX1 and EX3 in 23.97fps

* a little disclaimer... the actors really did get hurt during the shooting.

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