I love the new haunting Petula Clark single, and love this remix of it by Compuphonic too. But unlike the original song it didn't have a video and I wanted to play it at Kleptonite (the theme of my sets were 'Computer Love' - topically combining Kraftwerk and Valentines Day) so I made (well remixed) a video for it. I also was disappointed there wasn't more Petula in the original video, so worked out a way of doing both.

This video is a real technical step forward for me, mostly done live and then edited together, using ASCII art and datamoshing effects eventually I want to be able to do something like this live - I'm getting closer!

Oh yes and it's a Valentines Day release, this is for John, my partner, who was at Kleptonite last night and saw this - not sure he saw the dedication though. Yes I'm a soppy old sort, sometimes.

The excellent original video that this (ab)uses parts of: vimeo.com/58028020

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