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From Unpublished writing of The Akshaya Patra Vol. One Book One; entitled "Manasa Bhajare: Worship in the Mind" written by myself. This is: Conclusion to the Mysteries of the Word as Named Discourse...
From the Akshaya Patra Vol1 Book 1 Manasa Bhajare:Worship in the Mind.
Discourse 2... The Mysteries of the Word as Named Part 3
Discourse 2

Mysteries of the WORD (Logos, Mathra, Mantra or Shruti)as Named Part Three (Conclusion)

"Good and bad cannot be kept together in the same place. The Sun once remarked that he had no enemies left and someone told him that there still was one – Darkness! Then, he sent his rays, the emissaries, to seek out the foe. But wherever they went, they only saw light and darkness was nowhere to be found. They returned and reported – there was no such thing as darkness upon the earth. So too, you must gain victory of good over bad within you by persisting vigorously in your spiritual practices." –Sai Baba

Who, what; are the “RAYS” or Emissaries of the Sun? The light that shines from the Akshaya Patra (the Wish Fulfilling Vessel or Grail) begins and ends with the lettered imagery that recalls the sound, letters, words, numbers, light illumination and consciousness.

Those emissaries or “rays” are imagined in the symbolic symmetry of an absolute form. This is hard to understand thru academics it must be uncovered thru initiation and spiritual practices. Such is the initiation into the Letters of the Language of Light.

A geometrical plane cuts thru the field of motion and the actors are revealed as part of a process within an instantaneous state or manifold vocalizations sung by the Mother of Light into the Night of Space to illuminate it with Light in Time; vibration, cycles, emanations and rhythmic patterns and forms. That is the Light of Time exposed as in the state of Superconsciousness.

She the Mother gives birth and creates; and the Light of the Father shines within it. We hear it in her song or the song of creation. Its power is written in as MEANING. That is the Heaven and Earth of her creation as conceived in the name Bara-Aelohim or BRa-ALVHYM (as we’ve mentioned previously.)

Have you taken the time to dive into the Initiations? If not, too bad then. The MYSTERY is hidden in my MEANING. Enough Said!

To target divinity with the power of the WORD the anuswara endings are certain, but what anuswara ending? Different endings are seen from the M to the Ng and MN. What is natural? Within the trunk the “M” is natural. Within the throat, upper back, shoulders, and back of the Head the “Ng” is natural; in the forehead the nasal “MN” is natural, and in the crown the “N” is natural.

These resonant letters are like the tonal associations that the Octave range, in the use of sound, has with the spinal column that proceeds from lower tones, to high tones, along the length of the spine, from its base up to the crown of the head; naturally.

Unlike the “M” family of endings, we do not clearly recognize the “R” ending. The “R” ending exists in words like the Aur, as the light, in the Hebrew Ain Soph Aur; the Hor in Horus, the word “Star” or “Easter”, Istar, Ausar or the Egyptian ASAR.

The feminine letter variations of the anuswara “M” or the masculine letter “R” have their place along with the Hebrew “Yah” or “EL”; in order to guide the projections of divine endings; wherever the anuswara is directed to.

In other words, it is placed at the ending in order to find the center or divinity thru the focus of language, and direct those energies to that place of focus, as an instrument of meaning…

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