Video by Jeromie Dorrance, Remix by Kyle Warfield

Jeromie Dorrance

As a video artist, animator and painter, Jeromie Dorrance creates richly textured video collages that give audiences something they have never experienced before. Inspired by both glitch art as well as abstract painting, Dorrance creates vibrant, melting, glitchy patterns and textures that dance around the frame juxtapozed with found footage from The Web. While the art form itself is innnovative, it is Dorrance's unique trans-stylistic visual language and appropriated imagery that renders the work vaguely familiar yet nontheless magical. Jeromie Dorrance is from Denver, Colorado USA. He graduated with a bachelors degree in Digital Art from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2011.


Kyle Warfield

Kyle Warfield graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design with a BFA in Communication Design in 2011. He is currently a full-time designer at MATTER in Denver, Colorado. When he isn't absorbed in hand-lettering and typeface design, he is producing experimental sound collages under the moniker n3u3s! (pronounced "noise"). The material he samples consists entirely of recorded sounds from his daily experiences. Kyle's goal is to reorganize and synthesize the multitude of diverse sounds of his life to demonstrate how everything has the potential to be art.

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