Re-Vision is the story of a chance encounter
between a Man and a Woman that so completely
transforms the other; it spreads out into the
environment that surrounds them.
We watch as their journey from street to
ocean mimics the tumultuousness of the relationship,
in which aspects of each are revealed and concealed
by the twisting, contorting, events of their lives.
The performance takes place at night on
the beach with lighting as a central character.
The light acts as a guide for the audience to follow,
illuminating different parts of the performers and
delineating spaces in the sand, as the performance
travels from the street to the ocean.

Director/Performers Gabriel Forestieri
Marla Phelan

Guitar Sammy Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez

Technical Crew Michael Phelan
Andrew Rosenberg

Electrical Jacob Cohen/Jake’s Electric

Photo Lydia Bittner-Baird

Support Karen Benson, Ana Bolt, Daniel Lewis/Miami Dance Futures,
Mark and Dawn Oliver/Yogiiza, Aileen Phelan, Mitchell Phelan, Jim Schlobaum, Chiara Forestieri, Vanessa Cohen

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