Interactiondesigners develop our digital everyday life. They concept, sketch and create new possibilities of interaction, which are evaluated with functional and technical prototypes.
The book "Prototyping Interfaces – Interactive Sketches with vvvv" covers the applied handling of interactive sketches with the visual programming language vvvv. It is divided into two main chapters, a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part is about the meaning and the use of "interactive sketches" in the design process. The practical part of the book starts with the basics of the visual programming language vvvv and how to control different electronic components with Arduino and vvvv. Followed by a wide range of tutorials using different sensors, actuators and modern tracking technologies like the xBox Kinect.

In addition to the book a website launches where the users can download the patches for every single example described in the book.
"Prototyping Interfaces" is addressed to designstudents, interactiondesigners and media artists.

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