Directed by David Wilson
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Remember high school? Remember the never ending lessons, the all-consuming crushes, the deep fascination with the opposite sex? However long ago it was, it's a time everyone gets a little wistful about.

In his potent new film for Tame Impala's 'Mind Mischief', David Wilson revisits those curiosity-filled days of adolescence, viewing them through a nostalgic and psychedelic lens. It's a film in two parts that explores the magic and mystery of a teenage crush, revolving around the mildly explicit student/teacher fantasy of a wide-eyed schoolboy (played by the breakout star of cult film 'Son of Rambow', Bill Milner).

Illustrating the song's theme of 'mind mischief' and inspired by the deep, retro bassline, the film marries the band's opulent and dreamy sound with equally dreamy imagery. Tension is slowly built with misty, lingering scenes of a 70s-era classroom, before taking a cosmic trip through the boy's imagination and into his animated retrofuturistic fantasy. Using his unique talent for turning the familiar into the sublime, David has further developed his extraordinary blend of live action and animation to produce a video that captures the abstract notion of desire in magnificent – and only slightly NSFW – visuals.

Watch the 'making of' video to see David's own take on the story.

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