Filmmakers: Clemens Purner, Jeff Petry

On one of our first European tours we were invited by our good friend from Vancouver, Cohen Brown to visit him at an organic/slowfoods farm he was working for in Tuscany, about an hour outside of Siena,Italy. This dream-like place is called Spannochia ( and supports a local farming community plus hosts coveted residencies for sustainable foodie types. We rolled down from Innsbruck, Austria with Clemens Purner (, a super talented filmmaker we've worked with in the past, as well as with our good friend, also an amazing director, Jeff Petry from SALAZAR/Vancouver ( Johannes Winkler generously donated his obsessive skills as a live sound engineer/designer and we are forever indebted to him for that. For three days we bathed in the perfect weather, incredible food, and played an acoustic set in a castle called "Castiglione che Solo Dio Conosce" which translates to "The Castle Only God Knows About" where apparently Dante's Inferno was set. It was easily one of the most blissful tour stops of our lives so sit back and enjoy the montage. Huge thanks to Spannochia and Cohen for making this video possible.


Europe release: October 19th 2012 - Tin Angel Records (
UK release: October 21st 2012 - Tin Angel Records (

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