A panel including representatives from College Board and magnet personnel from Hillsborough County Public Schools will discuss college readiness and access, one of the three critical areas of College Board advocacy work. They will address middle school AP strategies through theme-based education at Young Creative Science Centre, the specialized AP classes at Middle High School, the district's only pre-collegiate STEM academy and the pressing challenges of equity and access to rigorous academic, especially to underserved populations.


Kim D. Moore, a retired military officer who worked in the Pentagon, has taught high school science and worked in the district office of Title I professional staff development. She has served as the assistant principal of magnet curriculum since 2008. Ms. Moore's experience is critical to the success of the academic program at the school. Under her leadership, the school has moved from a D to a B on the state grading system.

Jennifer Butler has been teaching at the elementary and middle school level for 13 years. As the magnet lead teacher at Young Middle Magnet Creative Science Center, Upper Campus she wrote the theme-based curriculum and facilitates and monitors the magnet theme in the classrooms. In addition, Ms. Butler coordinates the implementation of the grant and is part of the marketing team for Young Upper Campus and Lockhart Elementary Magnet School, Lower Campus.

Shari Pobjecky, Director of State and District Strategy and Outreach, Southern Regional Office fo College Board supports districts and schools as they seek funding and buid college and career readiness initiatives.

Susan King is recently retired from the district as the magnet supervisor. Ms. King has been working with magnets ar the local and national level for more than 20 years. She has been the project director of several MSAP grants. She is an experiences magnet educator and a national consultant for magnet schools and program implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and sustainability.

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