A promo trailer for the first season of Stargate Universe.
Produced before the final Destiny Stargate design was revealed, this video is also intended to promote the Stargate franchise.

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As part of a project at University, I created this for one of my assignments. Obviously there are clips spliced in from the first promo which SciFi themselves aired (which at the time was the only one out when I made this video). Other than the video clips; the entire Stargate model, the Sci-Fi Logo and animation it makes at the start of the video as it swirls in, the Stargate Kawoosh, Stargate Puddle Event Horizon and camera animation is all my own work. The Sci-Fi animation swirl is just a small touch, but I wanted to be as authentic as possible.

This was made before anyone knew what the SGU gate looked like, so I took a guess (and was correct) with the white chevrons - (albeit not the final design look of them). To that end, it is my intention that when the animation finishes and the Gate swipes past the camera - that I will replace this with the front of the actual looking SGU gate design and symbols. I will also probably tighten up a few shots to do with the Kawoosh, but University deadlines forced me to complete it to the current standard.

Hope you all enjoy!

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