This was the most intense series of web banners that I've ever helped to create. Yes thats right, these animations are actual web banners for In this four part series, I was responsible for 2D animation of particle systems, the Compositing of live action footage over/ with CG elements, and the modeling and animating of 3D environments specifically in the Car Chase animation. That heavy load was all part of these interactive web banners that the viewer could click on to advance in the scene and "Add More Drama" to the hero's situation. The videos above are screen captures of the ads on the actual websites that they are featured on. This series of animations we created while freelancing with Superfad in Seattle.

Agency: Piston Agency
Production Company/ Studio: Superfad
Creative Director: Will Hyde
Art Director: Loren Judah
Compositing: Paul Cantor, Brian Merrell, Keleb Coleman
Lead 3D Artist: Matt Guzzardo
Lead Modeler/Texture Artist: Adam Rosenzweig
Modeling: Phiphat Pinyosophon, Andrew Butterworth, Greg Bekken, Patrick Clarke, Paul Cantor, Loren Judah
Animation: Andrew Butterworth, Greg Bekken, Paul Cantor, Loren Judah
Lighting/Texturing: Andrew Butterworth, Paul Cantor, Loren Judah
Editor: Kenny Breit
Producer: Aimee Safko
Head of Production: Nannette Buroker
Executive Producer: Chris Volckmann

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