Hi, my name is Andrew Wilson, I am a student working towards getting a Bachelors in Computer Engineering as well as working a full-time job to pay for my living expenses and bills.

About a year ago, me and a friend started a YouTube Channel where we do commentary over video games (or 'Let's Plays'). In that time we have made over 600 videos while somehow managing to gain 550+ subscribers and over 570,000 views. While that might not sound impressive when compared to a YouTube celebrity, needless to say, we have been pretty fortunate as well as committed to making a decent Let's Play channel.

Now here is the problem, in the beginning, we started out as complete beginners. We had nothing but some crappy video editing software, a horrible webcam microphone and a cheap recording device. As we became more dedicated we began to invest a great deal into making our recordings better. We got a better video recording device, became skilled at video editing, bought fancy MXL microphones and tried to supply a steady stream of new games for content. However, as time has gone by, we have both become more buckled down with our spending, and since we do not make a profit off of the video's we make it has become rather hard to keep up with our desire for higher quality Let's Plays.

So I am asking for $1500 so we can upgrade our recording system. Right now we are recording off of an old custom built computer I made almost 4 years ago and the audio mixer we are using is on loan from a friend of mine while he isn't using it. We need a new computer to edit video from (our current one is starting to crash now and again when exporting videos due to the strain on such an old system) as well as a new audio mixer so we no longer have to rely on borrowing, and currently the M-audio ProFire 610 is what we have been borrowing so we know it will work and sound good for what we do.

Any amount helps, and is greatly appreciated!

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