8'40, minidv, 4:3, color/stereo, 2010

Ignition focuses on the limen between the last blocks of houses in the north part of Cork City and the gorgeous Irish countryside. Knocknahaeeny, a problematic workers neighbourhood, seems to be a village with its own rules. The travellers, the so-called Irish gypsies, have also their settlements there. Frictions raise among local population. We found a wasteland scattered of garbage piles, meadows surrounded by rows of carcasses of squeezed cars, horses wild breeded and a u.f.o.-like water tower, glimmering green light at night. That is the natural playground of the kids from the area. These extremely lively kids play hours far away from parent’s eyes, jumping walls, crossing fences and riding horses. Their vivacious presence re-enact the environment transforming it in a sort of western scenery.
In this dodgy periphery Bonna-nite (bonfire night), a Celtic ritual celebrating the summer solstice, becomes the occasion to burn all sort of rubbish accumulated during a year. In a sort of challenge among gangs, the kids prepare the heaps weeks in advance, gathering the materials everywhere: at sunset they put them on fire.
They especially love car tyres, for their flammable properties.

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