Medical Center Cologne (MCC), under the direction of Dr. Robert Gorter, is dedicated to the treatment of cancer, using an immune-supportive, nontoxic cancer therapy and also other chronic diseases, such as infections with hepatitis B and C and HIV.
MCC applies the Gorter Model, an innovative, nontoxic approach in the treatment of cancer.The aim of the treatment is to improve the immune system ("immune restoration") and it may involve some or all of the following therapies:
- Vaccination with dendritic cells that enhance immune defenses;
- Fever-range, total-body hyperthermia to restart the immune system;
- Local hyperthermia (Celsius 42+) to selectively kill cancer cells;
- Intravenous(IV) therapy with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants and glandular extracts;
- Botanical mistletoe therapy;
- Treatment with oncolytic viruses that destroy cancer cells (Newcastle Disease Virus);
- Lifestyle changes.
For more information on the Gorter Model in the treatment of cancer please visit

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