Music promo of "BreakBlo" by Dj Tekes & DeSostoa from the year 2003.

On February 15, 2003 tens of millions of people said "Not In Our Name". In 800 cities around the world more than 15 million people marched in the first globally coordinated civil protest in history to declare their opposition to the military invasion of Irak.

This video clip was staged during this event in the city of Barcelona, the largest march the city has ever seen. It was conceived as a music promo for the Dj duo collaboration between Dj Tekes from Costa Rica and DeSostoa from Barcelona. Filmed in 16mm film and Arriflex SR 16mm camera, it follows a character in the crowd as he handles leaflets and promotes his cause. In 2012, nine years after this film I was hired to shoot for a documentary about this day called We are many: this coincidence prompted me to find the media rushes of “BreakBlo” and rescue the edit with a few changes for the 2013 version you can now see here. Surprisingly, the film and its theme is holding well and it still relevant after a decade; I can see the echoes of this protest in the Arab Spring, The Indignados and the Occupy movements.

The original idea was to reflect on the value of the individual as a motor for change in a globalized society; the concept of global Oneness and also for the piece to be a short documentary on the events and the spirit of this historic day when world citizens took to the streets to march and be heard for the cause of peace.
The global march was a great success in the numbers of worldwide participants and the unprecedented scale the event reached. Sadly it did not succeed in stopping the forthcoming war, but it catalyzed a movement and put forth ideas that still reverberate to this day.

Music by Tekes & DeSostoa
Concept and direction by Diego Barraza
Protagonist: Guillen Coscollola
Camara: Oscar Godoy and Diego Barraza
Editing: Chinoix
Produced by: Split Point Studios/Stars for Music, Costa Rica 2003
Production Crew: Luis Falcón, Elena Lopez, Xavi Garcia,
Alex Miquel, Laia Coll, David Parcerisa

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