Make your own custom made dress shirts at . We offers a large selection of fabrics and style options. Customize your shirt with unique collar and cuff style options.

In this short video I did a Custom Made Dress Shirts review. At around the 00:38 I talked about it in detail. Here is some more information on Custom Made Dress Shirts:

"Tailored dress shirts online might seem fanciful to those used to buying off the rail shirts due to time or expense. However now it is perfectly possible now to get a beautifully fitted high quality dress shirt ordered online at a price you can afford or go a step further and have one made to match a favorite dress-shirt exactly.Tailored Made Dress Shirts To Fit!Yes, certainly, the idea of getting a tailored made dress shirt is to actually fit them to you and that actually suits the purpose. What if you like pockets or you want a monogram? Yes that is the style part of getting the tailor made dress-shirt to fit your sense of style.Steps To Getting Tailored Made Dress-Shirts Online That Fito Select A Fabric. A good quality fabric is important to begin the design of a tailored dress-shirt. When designing your own tailored dress shirt online you should be presented with a selection of fabrics, high quality cotton is a great choice. Textures can play an important choice if you prefer a single colored dress-shirt. Decide at this time if you want a wrinkle resistant fabric or traditional cotton.
o Choose your collar for your shirt. Collars ..."

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