Production House: Southernlads
Director and Edit: Karl Lucente
Director of Photography: Neil Briones, Steven Atenta
Extra Camera: Edgardo Butawan Jr.
Production Manager: Steven Canete
Storyboard: Edgardo Butawan Jr.
Production Assistant: Steven Canete, Trenary Guerrero
Production Design: Gale Osorio, Katrena Malicay, Anne Amores
Make-up Artist: Bea Sagun
Colorist: Neil Briones
Character and Costume Design: Miles Semblante and Christine Francia

The Fox: Ian Joplin Virrey
The Deer: Gino Almedilla
The Hunters: Ian Zafra, Orven Enoveso, Vince Yap, Wesley Chiongbian
Special Thanks: Ate Merlin, Hidden Paradise, Val Yap, April, Debbie

Thank you Sheila and the Insects for giving us this opportunity to be part of this project.

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