Presenting Simthetiq's 3D model integration into CryEngine 3: showcasing the cross-platform compatibility of Simthetiq's vast online catalog of real-time, simulation ready 3D models available at

This video was created in early 2011 to demonstrate our ability to fulfill specific customer requirements for a virtual weapon training system using CryTek's serious game engine, CryEngine 3.

Features Include
- Controllable Head, Tail and Brake Lights
- Smoke Exhaust
- Steerable Wheels (including damage variant)
- Various Damage States - Component (doors, engine, etc..), Mobility (wheels), Firepower, and Catastrophic kill
- Interior Driver View (including generic dashboard)
- Articulated Part Ring Mount with Gunner Seat
- Articulated Steering Wheel
- Dynamic Thermal IR Signature
- Visual LODs

*Note: All Simthetiq COTS models are DIS/HLA compliant and are pre-configured with optimized LODs, realistic textures, fully articulated parts, dynamic IR signatures and much more. Simthetiq also includes support for all major simulation and serious gaming platforms based on using OpenFlight, VBS2 or CryEngine 3d models. For additional custom development and integration services, visit to get a free quote today.

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