Adida Fallen Angel : Photographer, Visual artist/Street Artist, Graphic Designer, Musician

Here is the synopsis of the installation artwork presented in this video

" Life is nothing but a collection of memories, fading away...
If you want to hold on to something you had better learn to let go.
'My Faded Memoirs & The Power of One' is my personal expression of the lost and found parts of my life. It's a mix and match of ever growing and slowly fading styles and skills I accumulated over the years. It's about the changing of times and the shifting of one's awareness of the self.
The installation tells a story about the cycle of life, from birth to death and rebirth again. It's a never-ending loop of creativity and decay."
Adida Fallen Angel

Another text made out of powerful words, present details of the thought behind his installation created in June 2012 at Fresh Paint Gallery, Montreal

Check our more artwork and photography on his websit or facebook page ! These kind of artist deserve to be support !

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