it's been a nice powdersurfing season. picked up some new boards, learned a lot more about snow quality than ever before. learned how to type w one hand. the wrong hand. this little vid, summarizes the spirit of adventure that we've developed through snurfing. it's wicked fun. if you're reading this dribble, you've come this far for a reason.
it;s physical
fresh air
rewarding to the soul. ever played capture the flag? watched the sunrise? reached the peak of a hill?
ahh, i'm just reflecting.
my seasons over.
we rode mt royal until midnight, then hit a golf course at 7am for a dawn session.
rode a chopped up snowboard/snurfer and got rolled. broken collar bone. would have been better on the powdersurfer, but i digress.
go snurf, everyone. there's more risk staying home, says me.
believe it.
snow, i'll miss you.
- fin -

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