You don’t need to make a sex tape to get noticed.

We started because we are obsessed with reality TV. Unscripted, life-as-it-happens reality is fun to watch. Then one day we realized, ‘hey, wait a minute, our own lives are just as interesting as some of these network shows.’ In fact, how many times have you heard someone say ‘we should make our own reality TV show?’

Maybe you really should. You don’t need an agent or a production company to do it. is your studio and pathway to stardom.

Got a video app on your cell phone? You’re equipped. Got some friends or family, you’ve got a cast. Need some help on how to put it all together, just click on our Production Tips tab for some help. It’s just that easy!

Take your social sharing to the next level. Status updates are getting old and boring. Does anyone really care what you ate for breakfast? If it was that interesting, why not film and upload the conversations as they happen around the breakfast table?

Training for a race? Good for you! Simply build a video chronicle of your progress. Having a baby? Go beyond the bump pics and share the stories with friends and family leading up to the big event. Have a business or a product film all that goes into building or launching it and use All you need is a platform to get the word out, look at the Real Housewives.

Why Check in somewhere if you aren’t going to show all of the fun?

Got a wedding coming up? Imagine the episodes that will unfold! Family reunions? High school reunions? Standard hangout sessions with friends? The list is endless…

Don’t pin it. Shoot it and really share it. is based on your reality, the way you see it. You won’t get lost in the clutter behind a million kittens playing the piano. This site is strictly about people and their stories as they unfold. We also don’t want you to push your friends and family into embarrassing or awkward moments – especially anything that is not real.

We figure your real life is already interesting enough…so get going!

Hit the record button and Showcase your Reality.

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