Studio VJ mixes created to accompany "The Conduit E.P.," created by musical mastermind DJ Akasha and released on Vermin Street, Feb 2013.

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About this video: This is the track that initially made me inspired to create VJ mixes for the entire E.P. The first time I heard it I was blown away, and then I listened to it on repeat for days. I got successively more excited every time George would finish another track and send it to me, but I kept going back to this one. It feels like a mix of heavy soul-rumbling bass vibrations with a guiding light attached to the top, while you swim around the far reaches of outer space. I love it. Although I do consider it to be a very light song (despite the heavy bass ;), the video turned out a bit darker than expected; however much like George's description of how the tracks came into being, "It wasn't until a surrender took place of allowing the songs to become what it wanted to naturally and flowing with the inspiration, rather than forcing the will upon the music, did the songs begin to show themselves as something unique and worth while," so goes the video. Thusly, I didn't fight playing along what flowed out naturally and just let it be. The featured clip is a movie called Fantastic Planet, a French 1973 animated science fiction film.

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