1. Turn off laptop, unplug battery and power cable.
2. Remove screw covers for front panel.
3. Unscrew screws covering front panel.
4. Remove front panel by slipping fingers in between it and the screen. (be careful to not break the front panel)
5. Remove screws holding screen in place. (depending on angle of the screen when doing this, when you are doing the last screw, hold up the screen so it doesn't fall down)
6. Gently place screen on keyboard. (for this model and many others with a webcam, detach the cable for the webcam from the screen)
7. Detach tape that is holding the connector in place.
8. Remove connector gently.
9. Swap in new screen and place connector back in and secure tape back in place. (If the screen you got doesn't have a protective screen on it, place a cloth or sheet on the keyboard to prevent marks from getting on to the screen)
10. Gently put screen back in place. (remove screen protector when doing this)
11. Secure screen in place with screws.
12. Put front panel back on.
13. Hook up battery and cable and test if it worked.

There are 6 screws that secure the screen in place, I had to put in only 4 because it wouldn't fit properly.
Reattaching the laptop cable is optional.
I got the screen from

I apologize for bad quality, I was recording on a Playbook.
I apologize for the sniffling, I was sick at the time.
I apologize for any screwup that wasted time.

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