Beans was a project pursued by a few lazy skateboarders that all grew up around Aurora Ontario. The footage dates back as early as 2007 and as time passed the boys got jobs, pursued higher eduction or fell into the depths of depravity and addiction leaving the project in a state of purgatory. With the ending of the Mayan b'ak'tun and threats of cataclysmic world ending events, Adam Kubiw was forced to finish the video which premiered on the 12.21.2012.

An Adam Kubiw/Spuds Skate Shop Production

Vince Anastasi
Taylor Jordan
Robbie Ruuskanen
Adam Kubiw
Chris O'Neil
Keith Bradford
Corey Marshall
Ramon Moodley
Tylour Yeo
Keegan Thompson Ford
Jay Brown
Nate Jansma
Terrence Goddard
Stephan Jansma
Tyler Stevenson
Rich Lawson
Paul Tuck
Ross Massie
Carter Mraz
Steven Pink
& a shitload of Homies

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