MZUNGU - A Stranger's Dream in Africa (TEASER, approx 2-min)

MZUNGU: Generally defined as 'a stranger' in Swahili, mirrored the filmmaker's sentiment in 2006 as he and a small team explored Rwanda and Uganda in east Africa; searching for wildlife and adventure. This forthcoming (2013) film, embodies the filmmkaers unique and original approach to digital filmmaking, where the story is derived from inspired artistic visual elements and shaped by perceptions of the experience.

Director Bart Santello envisioned the structure of MZUNGU to mirror stages of sleep and the corresponding imagery that inhabits the dreaming subconscious mind. Working within this framework, director Santello crafted the film by deeply integrating the captured visual elements, an extraordinary psycho-active soundscape provided by respected ambient/electronic musicians: Richard Bone, Jeff Greinke and a posthumous A PRODUCE.

Director: Bart Santello
Executive Producer: Steven Ablondi
Production Company: Pyschotropic Films LLC
Release Date: Spring 2013, TRT: 38-minutes

Ambient Musician Acknowledgements:
Richard Bone
Jeff Greinke


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