Made for online retailer Hickory Vintage the film placed on the Fashion Film Network's top 10 films in it's first week of release taking Prada's number 10 spot. The film has been featured on numerous blogs and magazines including A Shaded View of Fashion and Vintage Life. It was released with 4 preview trailers.

The Provocateurs’ follows the journey of a secret brown paper package and a team of female agents from the 1940’s through to the 80’s.

The box is highly desirable. Each agent is unsure of who they should trust but know that it is imperative that the package is delivered, no matter what.

Beginning in the 1940’s with a flighty resistance spy the package is disposed of in the Winnebago (curtesy of Tammy Wynette) of a dysfunctional 1950’s housewife. In cocktail dress and fur this spy sets up for the next transaction with a methodical 1970’s agent who eventually comes face to face with the 1980’s steely doyenne of the operation.

The film partners classic cinematic thriller themes with the fashion film genre, a creative mix of art, film and styling.

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