A brain scan of neuro transmitting chemicals released when exposed to the sound of vowels.

In 2009 the Canadian poet Christian Bök used biotechnology to take William Burroughs theory that "the word is virus" beyond theory one by placing a poem inside the DNA sequence of an e-coli bacteria cell, to create what he has called “living poetry ” in his project The Xenotext Project.

In the same manner as Bok, in the Vowels project i proposed a hypothetical scientific realisation of Arthur Rimbaurd's synesthesia poem Voyelles. Instead of each vowel being assigned a different colour as was Rimbaurd's original intention, the Vowels project proposes that the sound of each vowel releases a different neurotransmitting chemical in the brain giving the spoken poem a sensuous dimension.

How could this proposition effect the poetry and the spoken word in the future?

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