Have you ever thought that microscopic organisms could be something else then a scientific specimen or a feared disease carriers? For example a great pets?
Which you can take care of, play with and enjoy their company same as you would with any other pets?

To make the interaction with our new (micro) pets easier we designed a series of Nano-Toys and Micro Pet Life Style Accessories.
This video illustrate our first design : Nano-Jumpee - a nano throwing and bouncing ball especially designed for amoebae playtime!

Developed at Interface Cultures, University of Arts and Design with support of Ars Electronica Bio-Lab , Linz, Austria.

PS: This project is currently a concept. Not real nano- toys have been developed so far. If you find this idea intriguing and have resources and skills for nano-technology development please don't hesitate to contact us! We are looking for possible collaborations!

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