VIDEX5: The Story of Sound

Title: Before Today

Our 5th and last exercise for my VIDPRD3 (Video Post-Prod class).
The tasked is to come up with an original story that revolves with the sound give to you. I got a frog's croak and I seriously screwed up with this activity. The sound didn't go well with my story. Anyway, still posting it here.

Written, directed and edited by: yours truly
Regina Awid - actress
Burr Friends - support and help
Background music from
SFX (frog's croak) -

We always have this notion that we become useless and pathetic as we grow old. Life becomes boring and redundant. But.... life doesn't stop there. As we grow old, we change. So you gotta kick yourself up and continue on. ;) Find ways to make your life more meaningful!

'It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.' - Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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