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Hi everybody!
I'm an animator with 5 years of experience. I'm always looking for cool new companies or projects to take part in. Feel free to contact me if you'r currently working on something awesome:

Breakdown - If you look at the top left corner, you can see highlighted what I did beside animation in each shot.

Rig ( When highlighted ) - Model + rig created by me using "TSM" or "Rapid rig" with additional work done on each rig.

Animation ( When highlighted ) - All animation Done by me, including characters and props.

Lights ( When highlighted ) - Creating light rigs and tweaking them for each shot. Using tools such as HDRI, sun and sky and 3 point lighting.

Render ( When highlighted ) - each shot rendered using V-ray or Mental-ray, using multiple layers for each shot ( RGB, Occlusion, Reflection, SSS, Velocity )

Modeling - Everything except Guy playing basketball and guy lifting wood plank

Thank you for visiting!

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