Two thousand and thirteen has seen #459 go into a deep reflection
about where he himself is going as a person
and if something can be said or expressed then what of it!?
this was a somewhat peculiar track from the album :
I wrote it for my first gig in Brisbane which happened to be in West End with two exceptional female live acts
Scraps aka Laura Hill
and Shooga made up of a collective local whizz kid girl power unit (an improvised melding pot of talented and occasionally eccentric group of individuals)
All now feel like friends and in a funny way family (but maybe that's too idealistic :)
Recently 4zzz announcer Matt Kennedy gave this some airplay and kind of made me take notice of my own work
In many ways i made this clip because of his support. I feel the making and editing of visual material adds more to the music and enhances the ambiance i hear within it ( i was exploring being comfortable with loneliness and isolation and embracing instead of negating the existence of these states and accepting them as another aspect of modern life...alienation is sometimes just a passing phase on the way to a broader view.
Film-maker and pioneer Vj Merrill Aldighieri has been a huge source of inspiration and has such a vast body of work
much of this sequence is from her documentary Title : Metaphoria
Check it and her out here :
Enjoy: #459

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