Who are you connected to? That’s always the question in our globally connected local world of living. Whether it’s social media, texting, emails or a cell phone, who we are connected to in some ways defines or describes who we are.

In our small slice of the world, there are a group of churches who are connected to each other and want you to know about it. We’re a group of 19 churches that stretch from the 6 th Street Bridge in downtown Grand Rapids to the town of Moline, MI in the south. Each church is a bit different and is involved in different ministries, but we are bound by one faith.

This site is a place where you can explore those 19 churches, who they are individually, what they do together, how they connect with each other. You might be surprised how globally connected a group of 19 local churches can be. You might be surprised by the faces. You might be attracted by that one faith. You might have a God dream that these churches can help pray, equip and support you to discover.
Whatever happens, we know this: who you’re connected to, makes all the difference.

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