Circle Up is a community building project through Yoga, which invests in the children, youth and local Yoga teachers of the South and North. (Approaching places, people and situations in social, cultural, physical ...disadvantaged)

Cycle Up is Coni Guevara (Argentina), Katie Capano (USA), Oliver Chamorro (Spain) and many more. ACROYOGA certified teachers and Therapists.

The Palestine Project

Palestine is a solidary project of 4 weeks between the months May and June in refugee camps in the West Bank. We work with local teachers and children suffering from trauma and oppression of life in the conflict, the change we want to see evolve.

We have strong links with three local NGOs - the International Red Crescent, Bidna Capoeira, Anahata International- and that would be our local project partners. Together we have identified four target groups appropriate for work.

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