It was a cold saturday night and 41 riders decided to meet outside the railway station of Bergamo to take part in the CicloNotturna del Brembo 2013!!!
For the fourth consecutive year the Martesana group of Il Cicloviaggiatore ( organized the "Cimento", a hard night by bike, obviously in winter, on forgotten roads and unpaved path!!!
This year we registered the record of 41 participants and it was amazing looking back and see those little lights riding into the fog!!!
We start from Bergamo and immediately climb up towards the high city, then down along the river Brembo, unpaved path, mud and fog, then a little bit of asphalt but another gravel and muddy sector is there for us, we stop some minutes in Brembate, then the last hard unpaved segment to reach the scary cemetery of Crespi d'Adda, a little factory town that is an Unesco world heritage site.
The hardest part is gone but it's 3 o'clock in the morning and everything is difficult, moreover if you're on a bike!!! We reach Fara crossing the river Adda and pass under the castle of Cassano reaching in a few kilometers my hometown of Inzago. Here we organize a little banquet and for this we have to say thank you to the three girls that stay awake to give us a hot tea and something to eat, really fantastic!!!
From Inzago to Milan we pedal on the Martesana cycle path, the time is running, the sunrise is behind us, we see the first lights of the city and arund 7 o'clock we reach our destination, the Central Station of Milan!!!
I look around me and I see 41 faced signed by cold and fatigue, but at the same time full of happiness!!!
It was a great night, as an organizer I cannot ask for more, great places, great wheather, great company!!!

I hope you'll enjoy the short film and you feel the emotions and the mood of the CicloNotturna!!!

What can I say, enjoy it and see you in 2014 for another fantastic night!!!

Music: Fire, The Grave & The Eyes of Man - The Sleep Design
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