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Gaslight is a themed land consisting of several attractions including: two large rides, three smaller attractions, a full service restaurant, a theatre, multiple retail shops, various food vendors, cast member performances and ample opportunity for guest interaction.
Stylistically, Gaslight has its basis in a broad design aesthetic called "Steampunk." A style that has grown to prominence in pop culture over the past few decades, Steampunk is a fantastical revision of the future based in historical precedents of architectural, graphic and fashion design.
Because our story hinges on historical accounts of Queen Victoria's life, England, or more appropriately an island off its coast, was the logical setting. The death of her mother and husband in 1861 leaves the Queen in want of escape. Along with trusted advisors and inventors, she sets out to create a secret city to serve as her own private getaway.
Thus this subterranean city of brass and steam was born. For five generations, Gaslight thrived, free from the influence of the outside world until a submarine crew runs aground within the city. The arrival of these outsiders will prove to threaten the delicate balance of power and irrevocably reshape the fate of Gaslight and its citizens.

Story Behind the Design:

Named after the city's miraculous power source, Gaslight was commissioned by a grieving Queen Victoria only to be lost to history for generations. Planned and executed by royal advisor, Claxton Cobblestone, and inventor, Buckminster Strange, the city was constructed and colonized by those willing to keep a secret. Upon her departure with her gentleman caller John Brown, the Queen entrusted the two designers with her "greatest treasure," and tasked them with leading and maintaining her city. Over the course of subsequent generations, a feud forms, eroding the bond between the families. The Cobblestones seized power and control while disgracing the Stranges; ostracizing them to the fringes of society. However, everything changes when Captain Bertram Caldwell and his crew of submariners, stumble upon Gaslight while searching for the fabled Treasure of Queen Victoria. The Captain's arrival threatens the balance of power, and his courtship with a native girl named Pristine Primrose incurs the wrath of fellow suitor Mayor Cobblestone. Caldwell must now work with Ainsworth Strange to confront Carmine Cobblestone, free the citizens of Gaslight and make off with the Treasure of Queen Victoria, or more accurately, the descendant of the illegitimate heir to the English throne: "Princess" Pristine Primrose.

Guest Experience:

The atmosphere of Gaslight will be achieved through sensory stimuli. Aurally, the park will incorporate the sounds of escaping steam, winding rope and creaking gears. Visually, fog will parallel the English climate and corroborate our postulation of a steam-powered city. The park itself will be a small island disguised as a tour of an abandoned mine. Guests will board cable cars for the "tour," but the cars will eventually be rerouted: emerging through a waterfall, revealing the city within. The guest's trip will begin as they arrive at City Hall and descend to the main street continuing to the town square where the Gaslight is on display. Radiating from this point, are the various shops, eateries and rides. Gaslight will include: a full service restaurant with nightly performances, a museum of oddities, a steam-powered orchestra, a number of rides, an enchanted forest, a theater, multiple street performances as well as several food venders and retail shops. The goal of our park is to instill within the visitor the thrill of discovery as they explore this lost city, to tantalize the senses with an immersive atmosphere, and to allow guests of all ages to embark on an unforgettable adventure through Gaslight.

Project Team Members: Ian Jones, Steven Schneider, Matthew Smeraglia, and David Zimmerman


-The project was conceived by the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Team and created for the 2013 Walt Disney Imagineering's Design Competition
-This project is the sole property of Walt Disney Imagineering and all rights to use these ideas are property of Walt Disney Imagineering
-The competition is a way for students and recent graduates to showcase their talents and for Disney to identify new talent

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