Today was feed day and I'd prepared an extra special feast for my Corvid friends here in New Mexico. I fed them raw shelled peanuts and bits of torn plain pita bread; a little extra than what I normally give them since I was trying for the first time to capture these crows on camera and document their beauty on film for my own corvid viewing pleasure. It took about a month to get the crows to notice me as someone who gives them food. I first got them used to my jeep by tossing peanuts at them through my jeep's window as I drove by them in a field not far from my house. I did this so they knew to look for my jeep and follow me home. Now, they know where to find my jeep ( which is parked in front of my house; a big mama bird at this point), and every other day they get fresh snacks in the morning after I place the treats at round the tree in front of my yard.

I work freehand and with computers. I create medical art with my own MRI Scan images (read more at I create other forms of art such as: paintings, animations, .mov visual loops, quartz composer compositions, music & sound art, mixtapes (on soundcloud), book covers, collage pop art & vector art- just to name a few. I really enjoy being creative in as many ways possible. I also run a podcast (link below). Visit where I upload creations, offer free gifs & images, and book cover art. My favorite genres are moombahton and zombies. I also do custom remix/mashup work- if you need a remix of your favorite song, or a special track, email me at I also do freehand work and use a variety of digital art methods and techniques.

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