First off sorry for the bad audio. I am working on another computer and have not fine tuned the codecs yet for screen casting. But I still wanted to report the development of code type 1 for Space Battle.

I have added a new code type to the Space Battle AddOn for Blender 2.65. This code type traces a specified particle system and adds additional particle systems to the newly generated ships.

Locators can be associated with ship source groups which allows a ship to have multiple thrusters, primary and secondary weapons systems. Each system is just a particle system so fantasy elements can come into play here. Upon generation the source particle systems, like thruster, get copied to a new particle system that gets positioned at the locators location. So new particle systems are added to the scene for each locator. Thruster is special when it is continuous and only generates one particle system per locator. But weapons can generate many particle systems whose Start and End times are setup to occur at various points as the ship travels along the traced path. A particle system per locator times shot count times ship count equals the final particle systems total in the scene (per entry emitter).

Whew! So yeah, you can make a lot of particles with this thing.

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