This is a slideshow of one aspect of my alternate energy research.

I made these two functional micro-windmill compressors to inspire and tinker with at home. All handmade Aluminum blades with Stainless Steel micro cylinders! They can build over 100 PSI as currently geared - pretty good for yard art.

YardComp 1 employs a popular toy-pinwheel blade design which I made by bending only 2 square sheets of Aluminum - very torquey, simple, and dependable. YardComp 2 employs a spoke rim design with blades using my favorite aerodynamic geometry and it is the most efficient low-wind blade that I know of (always beat famous design in side-by-side tests) - it can turn from just your breath. Both windmills performed better than expected, especial this near to ground level.

There is a short video at the end showing them operating in light, variable winds.

Music: Kraftwerk - "Tour de France" (Tour de France Soundtracks)

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