This trailer contains images from our trip and activities in Madrid and other parts of Spain which have some kind of connection with the nuclear industry. We've been measuring radioactivity with DiY Geiger Counters, transforming it into light&sound and giving speech/workshops to discuss about citizen science, nuclear power and social issues.
Same video with spanish text:
La Cosa Radiactiva is a road trip of engineers, musicians & artists in order to explore several sites related with radioactivity in Madrid area & other places in Spain. We travel fully loaded with our free hardware equipment, designed to measure & visualise the natural radioactivity from earth, as well as the artificial one created by us humans. La Cosa Radiactiva is also about transforming nuclear radiation into image & sound. A research on transparency and nuclear secrets. A performance to demystify radiation while building awareness of its risks. An imagination exercise to reflect on how it would be like to live with radiation and above all this, a call about the importance of citizens having their own tools to be able to verify public health data provided by governmental authorities. All this and more in an ambitious atomic project!

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