Starring: Benjamin Verdoes, Traci Eggleston, and Marshall Verdoes of Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam Band
Locations: San Juan Island, Orcas Island

Director/Producer: Matt Daniels
Additional Creative Direction: Stefan Moore
DP: Michael Ragen
2nd Unit DP & Helicopter Camera Operator: Mike Prevette
Aerial Video (RC Helicopter Operator): Tabb Firchau (Aerialpan Imaging)
Art Director: Courtland Premo
Costume Designer: Matt Daniels, Benjamin Verdoes, Traci Eggleston
Makeup Artist: Ingrid Pixel
Editing: Apryl Richards, Matt Daniels
Editing Advisors: Joy Andrews, Rob Dalton, Noel Paul (thatgo)
Color Correction: Apryl Richards
Compositing: Matt Daniels
Photoshop: Michael Ragen
Production Company: Thinklab
Producer: Matt Daniels
Location Managers: John Hadac, Devin Coldewey
PA: Matthew Salton
Behind-the-scenes video: Devin Coldewey

Behind-the-scenes video:
Production stills:
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