I don't own anything....

and I tried to translate the German parts ;)

du kommst bestimmt heut´ nacht hier her - for sure you'll come here tonight
mit dem gefühl, der kommt nie mehr - with the feeling, he'll never come around again
und das für mich die zeit mit dir zu ende wär´ - and that for me 'we' are over

is there something on your mind
are there words you have to say
did you come ´round tonight
to see if I'd walked away

oh baby you must believe me
for the world I would not deceive you
don't picture me in somebody's arms

vergiss es - forget it
du wirst mich nie mehr wieder los - you're never gonna get rid of me again
bei dir fühl ich mich viel zu groß - I'm feeling much too good with you around
mein herz hängt viel zu sehr an dir und deins an mir - my heart belongs (too much) to you and yours to me

forget it
and you'll never be alone
we can live and be as one
if you believe in me
we can fly

sie haben dir bestimmt gesagt - I'm sure they told you
ich hätt´ mich aus dem staub gemacht - that I had run away
und hätt´ mich über deine treue totgelacht - and laughed about your faithfulness

of course i would never ever take you
for a fool I would not mistake you
you'll never see me in somebody's arms


forget it
take that imagine from your mind
leave your jealous heart behind
and just believe in me
and we can fly


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