Guarantee3 will demonstrate the correct way to adjust the shoulder straps, the waist strap, and putting on the glove. The video will also show you how to choose the correct stretch band so you can begin your workout. Guarantee3 will strengthen your game and make you a better basketball player.
How To Put On Guarantee3

Place each arm through the shoulder straps like a backpack.
Wrap waist strap just under the rib cage and adjust snug around the body.
Adjust the shoulder straps snug on both left and right side.
Place the glove over three fingers with the strength ring on top and wrap the velcro around wrist snug.
Find the stretch band that fits you the best by placing your hand eye level and use the stretch band that reaches from the ring on your glove to the ring on your shoulder strap.

Now that you have successfully adjusted your Guarantee3 you can start the 6 week strength training and dribbling skills.

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